Satellite Data Unit

The Thuraya Aeronautical Satellite Data unit (TH-SDU) family uses the SRT Wireless base concept of the VIPturbo software defined radio system. The VIPturbo module is adapted to the most stringent qualification requirements for airborne communication equipment for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. There will be two versions available:

The Thuraya Aeronautical Satellite Data unit comes in a first version as a "flange mount" component. For small and medium fixed wing platforms and all rotary platforms the flange mount SDU perfectly meets the requirements and qualification specifications for this type of aircraft.

Features of the TH-SDU-FL:
• highest Vibration Performance (DO-160G-Cat. U2)
• no external forced airflow through equipment required
• low pressure operation (unpressurized aircraft cabin)

Additional future options:
• 2 channel TH-SDU-FL with additional slot for 2nd VIPturbo Aero
• single channel TH-SDU-FL with additional slot for HD580 video streaming module


Download the Datasheet


The second version available on the market will be a  SDU in
standard ARINC 600 format (2MCU). It will be available with one VIPturbo Aero module for aircraft installation with existing avionics equipment.

The TH-SDU-AR will be designed for
• vibration and shock performance (DO-160G - Cat. S (M,L,B) for fixed wing aircraft)
• external forced airflow (vertical) through the ARINC unit

Additional future options:
• embedded data encryption
• 2 channel TH-SDU-AR with additional slot for 2nd VIP Turbo Aero module