High Power / Low Noise Amplifier

The High Power / Low Noise Amplifier (TH-HLD-7260) is interconnecting the SDU with the Thuraya Aero antenna system and is packaged into a single, compact component. For the transmit direction the ­HLD operates as a High Power Amplifier in order to provide the necessary EIRP to the Thuraya satellite. In receive direction the HLD operates as a very sensitive Low Noise Amplifier in order to amplify the receive signal from the high gain antenna. It forms part of a broadband single channel system and reduces overall box-count, system weight and complexity. The system supports applications such as VPN, e-mail, phone calls and internet browsing.


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If you choose to buy or prepare your aircraft for a dual channel Thuraya Aero Satellite System the TH-HLD is replaced by the TH-DLNA (Low Noise Amplifier)
and the TH-HPA (High Power Amplifier). In that case only a license key is necessary for channel bundling.


High Power Amplifier

The TH-HPA-7450 (High Power Amplifier) is a linear, temperature regulated, RF (Radio Frequency) power amplifier. It amplifies the transmit RF signal generated by the SDU to correct the power level in order to make communication with the satellite possible. The amplified signal is then sent to the antenna via DLNA. Secondary functions of the HPA include providing +28 VDC power to the antenna via the SDU and monitoring the DLNA BITE. The HPA utilises forced air cooling and is equipped with an ARINC 600 port.


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Low Noise Amplifier

The TH-DLNA-7060 (Diplexer/Low Noise Amplifier) is a three-port device that is installed as a part of a full-duplex satellite communication system. Its main purpose is to combine signals received from the High Gain Antenna and split transmit signals from the SDU. The DLNA also provides a Low Noise Amplifier to amplify the signals received from the satellite. Further significant function of the device is, that it blankets system generated disruptive noise, harmonics and intermodulation signals to ensure impact free inter-operation with other systems The device is equipped wit an ARINC 781 port.


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