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What is Thuraya Aero?

Thuraya Aero is a satellite communication service that enables in-flight connectivity like internet access, voice calls, text messaging, high-speed data applications such as video and audio conferencing, access to e-mail, instant information such as e-commerce, large file transfer (e.g. surveillance videos), Voice over IP and many more.

The Aero Group, consisting of smp aviation, Thuraya Telecommunications Company, Cobham plc, Scotty Group Austria GmbH and SRT Wireless, developed a Thuraya Aeronautical Satellite System which consists of

• a Satellite Data Unit
• a High Power / Low Noise Amplifier
• a High Gain Antenna System

Thuraya Aero is significantly reduced in size and weight with higher performance at much cheaper costs. The system is designed in a way so that it can also be used for cabin, crew and safety services.

The benefits are improved cabin services (e.g. internet) through much faster data transfer, online data transfer from and to the aircraft in order to update EFB-data (electronic flight bag) continuously during the flight and tracking of aircraft through a continuous direct data-transfer from the aircraft to the ground station. The Thuraya satellite system is able to allocate up to 20% of the satellite-power into one geographical hot-spot area of the seize of a single beam (350 miles in diameter).

Why should I choose Thuraya Aero?

There is a highly increasing demand for satellite communication (channels and bandwith) in the area of aviation because of an increasing number of airframes and a rising demand of SatCom on the existing airframes. L-band aeronautical satellite services are ideal for any small airframe up to the size of a narrow body business jet or for rotary wing airframes. Thuraya operates two L-band satellites in the orbit and provides mobile coverage to more than 110 countries worldwide except the American continent.

Advantages compared to existing systems:

• lowest cost of ownership
• significant operational cost savings
• worldwide first modem available with built in video transmission capability
• easy conversion of existing L-band System
• negligible reinstallation costs
• calculable airtime costs
• only license purchase necessary to convert single channel into dual channel system*
• only license purchase necessary to allow real time HD video transmission
• weather independent
• no congestion problems
• easy antenna pointing
• stable and reliable network

* subject to the condition that the equipment of a dual channel system is pre-installed