The Aero Group

Thuraya Telecommunications Company is one of the world’s leading mobile satellite services (MSS) operators. It owns and operates two geo-stationary (GEO) satellites and the Thuraya network covers two thirds of the globe and 161 countries. Thuraya covers the rest of the world by global system for mobile (GSM) roaming. Its customers come from a variety of sectors, including government and NGOs, maritime, energy, and media.

Cobham has many years of experience in the satcom market and more than 5000 solutions installed on varios aircraft and helicopters. Cobham is the largest manufacturer of aeronautical land and maritime terminals as well as land earth station and network infrastructure equipment. Cobham Satcom South Africa (former Omnipless) has been the dominant supplier of portable L-Band satellite antennas in the world. They have also certified their airborne antennas for dozens of aircraft.

SCOTTY Group SE, founded in 1993, is a solution provider and manufacturer specializing in beyond line-of-sight audio, video and data for communications and surveillance. SCOTTY equipment is deployed in the field, on wheeled vehicles, ships and in the air. SCOTTY's long running SatCom experience and extensive knowledge in SatCom hardware and infrastructure ensures optimized communication solutions that can be customized and deployed for all kinds of applications.

SRT Wireless is the commercial and law-enforcement division of the SRT Group. SRT was founded in 1999 as a mobile satellite consulting company. Since then, they have evolved to become a group of companies providing powerful satellite and Wi-Fi technologies and services to business government and other customers. SRT Wireless is a well-established company with excellent performance ratings, world-leading technologies and top-notch experts at your service. SRT Wireless is Thuraya partner since 2011.