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We specialize in providing security and security related solutions to organizations such as  police, civil protection, coast guard, VIP’s, business executives and many other agencies and have delivered services both to governmental organizations and non-governmental clients for more than two decades.

Our goal is to provide airborne satellite communication on a robust and flexible network to deliver considerable operational cost savings and affordable as well as calculable airtime costs. Applications such as ISR, Search & Rescue, Tele Engineering, Tele Medicine, Fishery Monitoring, Border Patrol, Contraband Monitoring, Office in the Sky and many more are now powerful assets and can support your operations with affordable, reliable real time information from the sky!

In cooperation with the satellite operator Thuraya we are proud to announce the introduction of Thuraya Aero. With negligible installation expenses and easy conversion of existing L-band systems, Thuraya Aero is set to offer an exciting and attractive alternative to anything currently available on the market.

smp aviation provides a way of keeping in touch, beyond
line-of-sight, no matter where your mission takes you


NL EASP AIR missions to be supported by Thuraya Aero
Press Release NL EASP AIR  - Launching Partner

Take off with Thuraya Aero

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