Who we are


smp aviation, founded in 1991, has tremendous experience in providing solutions for critical applications under challenging circumstances and has long lasting military and paramilitary experience in managing project business and cooperative partnerships in sales, marketing, logistics, after sales support and services.


smp aviation specializes in providing security and security related solutions to organizations, such as armed forces, police, civil protection, coast guard, VIP's, business executives and many other agencies and also offers its services for more than two decades to governmental organizations as well as non-governmental clients.


smp aviation has been chosen as general contractor and exclusive partner of Thuraya to create and launch the state-of-the-art technology Thuraya Aero. Goal of this partnership is to provide airborne satellite communication on a robust and flexible network, to deliver considerable operational cost savings and affordable as well as calculable airtime costs.


We drive the next generation of airborne satellite communication!